Since the age of fourteen, the artist has shown his great passion for astronomy, attending at the old Planetarium of Rome, in Piazza Esedra, astronomy courses. It is precisely in this context that the artist makes the friendship that will profoundly mark his astronomical and artistic journey with Claudio Del Sole.

In the 1980s he founded the “Urania Astrophiles Group” together with other colleagues in the company Italcable, the Italian telecommunications company.

In the’ 90s he founded a new association called ASTRIS, which incorporates astrophiles from other companies of the STET group, Turin-based companies for the telephone business. The social purpose of the association was to build a social astronomical observatory in Cervara di Roma (Subiaco), which will be inaugurated on July 5,2008. This observatory will be dedicated to the memory of Claudio Del Sole who died in 2005 and named “Claudio Del Sole Astronomical Observatory”.

NIn January 2007 he co-authored a work entitled Graphic Atlas of Galaxies, a project realized in collaboration with the deceased Claudio Del Sole and the President of the Astris Diego Azzaro, and published by UAI, Italian Atrophiles Union. The Atlas graphically shows the data on distances, dimensions, brightness, morphological characteristics and images of about 1,424 galaxies and aims to be a guide to the observation of galaxies by experienced enthusiasts.

In 2009, a new project called “From the Milky Way to the Big Beng” was presented at the section of astronomical dissemination at the 42nd UAI Conference held in Padua from 24 to 27 September. It is a graphic document composed of 10 large format explanatory tables, 6 of which represent 3D scale models related to the Milky Way System – Local Group “and to the” Spatial Distribution of nearby galaxy clusters “. In 2010, the “New Graphical Atlas of Planetary Nebulae”, an atlas in which data on distances, dimensions, brightness, morphological characteristics and images of about 1,000 planetary nebulae will be shown in graphs, this guide is also for expert enthusiasts.